Internal Capabilities


We back leaders at every business milestone, from strategy to execution, and everything in between.

Please contact Said Murad to setup a strategy brainstorm session

  • Strategic guidance on new concepts as well as leveraging the fund’s network to help the business develop.
  • Provide access to industry trends, insights and wider data sources to provide founders with insight.
  • Maintenance of a curated network of fund advisors that can act as industry mentors to portfolio founders.

Please contact Vishal Sharma for support on the following

  • 360-degree founder coaching to prepare for future fundraising and IPO planning.
  • Offer comprehensive support for M&A transactions from sourcing, due diligence, structuring, legal framework to post-merger integration.
  • Provide access to different sources of funding at a global and regional level like VC’s, DFI’s, strategic investors, family offices, etc.

Please contact Sajjad / Marwan to setup a technical advisory brainstorm session

  • Go over technical bottlenecks in developing  and running your solutions
  • Discuss technical architecture and data infrastructure plans and receive feedback
  • Brainstorm engineering team efficiency and productivity
  • Discuss scale, security, maintainability and reliability of systems in place

Please contact Sajjad / Marwan to setup a product management brainstorm session

  • Receive feedback on user and customer experience
  • Brainstorm processes to implement analytics driven product management
  • Go over product  priorization frameworks
  • Brainstorm customer discovery processes that translate into feature implementation


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