Helium Health B2B Sales Process

Helium boasts a 35-member strong sales team in Nigeria largely skewed towards the private sector.

Key highlights:

⁃ Despite  the  fact  that  public  sector sales  team  is  lean,  it  is  highly  experienced  with networking in the government sector at the decision maker level

⁃ Partnerships team works with resellers, distributors, IT playersacross the public and private sector both

⁃ Public sector team contributes majority of the revenues currently

⁃ No account managers; sales team manages the relationship across the lifetime

⁃ Operations analysts support the regional leads and growth associates with trading area analysis and coordination points with the head office

⁃ Independent customer success team to handhold clients


⁃ Hiring right people at the get go is the most important part of the process, especially for public sector sales.

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Adegoke Olubusi
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